06: Open - June 2021


love me, love my body
 let me thaw for two days
 then bathe me in your vinegar
 rub your hands down into my sex
 I am born again, cured by your hands.
 turn me over, and peel back my skin 
 stick your knife deep into my body
 give me your cross-hatch kisses
 I’m ready to be stuffed
 oregano, garlic, oil, adobo y salt to taste
 stick your fingers inside me
 it’s okay baby, we are both dirty
 make sure your fingers slide 
 in and out of each of the holes
 in and out 
 in and out
 cover me in plastic wrap 
 I’m ready to be marinated. 
 Leave me overnight
 And then take me out the next day
 Pour water on top of me, 
 And place me in the oven
 Our lives begin and end in the oven
 no longer counting the calories 
 no longer staring at the clock—we’ll know when we’re done
 can you smell the parts of me and the parts of you? 
 which part of me do you love the most?
 my tender belly? or your crispy skin? 

-Raymond Camacho

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