The Website

Poetry Undressed is an online publishing company and podcast that focuses on showcasing new and up-and-coming poets; those who have struggled to have their voices heard in the elitist society that is that of poetry. Poetry Undressed aims to create an environment where poetry is accessible, enjoyable, and understandable for all.

The Podcast

Poetry Undressed will release two podcast episodes a month focusing on chosen poems from that month’s prompt. In these podcasts, the authors of the chosen poems will discuss their own analysis as well as others’ analysis of their work with our host. These episodes aim to create a dialogue that explains terms within poetry, and analysis of poetry in clear terms so that anyone can listen with enjoyment.

Note: The chosen poems for the podcasts do not reflect the poems chosen as featured poems of the week.

Meet Our Creator

Hi everyone! My name is Isabelle Call and I am the creator of Poetry Undressed. I am currently a student studying to obtain an English degree at the University of British Columbia. I am also a Canadian author, poet, and filmmaker. My works can be found across a multitude of platforms and can be found on my website www.isabellecall.ca.

I created Poetry Undressed because, like many other poets, I have found it very difficult to break through the barricades and into the “poetry society”. I have found throughout my schooling, as well as my journey as a writer, that poetry tends to fall into the category of elitist and gatekept. So often those who enjoy poetry are left out of the discussion, or too nervous to join because of the excessive and unnecessary jargon used in the discussion. And more often than not poets with a beautiful voice are left behind and ignored in favour of someone whose voice has already been established. I wanted to create a community that was able to give voices to those poets trying to break through the barricade, educate readers and listeners on terms used within the poetry community, and gives a safe space for discussion and analysis from both the readers and authors’ perspectives. In short, I dream of creating an environment free of the elitism of the poetry society, where poetry is accessible, enjoyable, and understandable for all.

Meet Our Podcast Host

Since the age of twelve, nineteen year-old, Colette Mbariko has always had a love for poetry. She often found herself writing about anything her mind can think of but more recently found interest in writing about existential topics and her experiences as a black woman. She was born in Brooklyn, New York but currently resides in Toronto, Ontario where she is a second year Psychology student.