06: Open - June 2021

The Weed In My Garden

It was just an average day,
 I was watering my plants.
 But then I notice you from afar,
 I am curious as to how you got there.
 I decide to let you grow, 
 Since you are only small.
 And could not possibly hurt me,
 Could you?
A week passes by and you have grown so much already,
 I seem to recall you were just a baby.
 I decide to let you grow,
 Since I am too lazy to resist.
 And you slowly slither around my gate.
 I decide to not leave my house,
 Since you are there barricading me.
 But it is fine,
 You could not hurt me.
 You slowly creep around my house,
 Locking me in.
 And gain a voice so relaxing yet so alarming,
 But I do not hesitate to let you in.
 Cause you would not hurt me,
You cover my windows,
 My only light.
 You bolt my kitchen,
 Repeating I do not need it.
 And I agree,
 Cause you could hurt me.
 I feel so trapped in this empty space,
 Then I see a phone hidden in the cupboard.
 I reach for it but hesitate,
 ‘I know some good gardeners’ I said.
 But I thought,
 ‘I would be bothering them’.
 You have convinced me to force isolation, you know best.
 You have taken care of me,
 Helped me get rid of my impure intentions.
 Eating and going outside is prohibited,
 Committing those crimes could result in death.
 At least that is what you said,
 And I obey.
 Cause you would hurt me.


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