07: The Body - July 2021

Natural Composition

 I’ve heard it spoken once before
 in a high school science class
 that water constitutes
 nearly sixty percent
 of our gossamer bodies. 
 Having been given
 only glimpses into our complex
 interiors, I imagine
 the other forty percent
 involves peculiar mixtures
 of lingering aspirations, 
 tongue-tied silence, jaded
 remembrances, and the poised
 solicitudes spiraling from prior
 erasures of memory.
 However, I’m extremely inclined
 to profess that assumptions
 about the composition of one
 particular body are always shattered
 by a wrecking-ball truth. Really,
 considering the rhythms of my fingertips
 on an illuminated keyboard, I assure you
 words steal a solid ten percent
 of land where water flows freely. 
 I suppose then I’m more
 fifty-fifty since words are nutrition
 to the empty stories yet to be filled.
 The irony of wellbeing
 is the complexity that so many believe 
 to be simply the sum
 constructed by the anatomy
 of human needs and desires.

-J.P Legarte

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