07: The Body - July 2021

Body and Soul

My body and soul is a mosaic
 of everyone and everything
 that has ever existed, 
 everything that will ever exist. 
 but also nothing at all.
This poem was written by the stars in the sky
 that spoke it through the neurons in my brain. 
 one day they will stop firing, 
 but this galaxy will always hold her stars
 in the pupils of her eyes. 
 the souls that depart this planet
 look down at me and smile
 while we give the dark abyss we call space
 stories using lines
 or family ties
 to create names for each soul that has ever lived.
My spine is a tree trunk
 that keeps the branches of my limbs attached 
 to this hollow body. 
 each wrinkle that comes of age
 tells stories of how i danced in the wind
 with my arms swaying to their own rhythm, 
 because that's how i found eternal life
 in this non-eternal body. 
 so when these bones break, 
 read the stories tucked between their tree rings. 
 My veins are the roots of my ancestors
 who's DNA i carry under my skin, 
 and when i die
 and my body will lie closer to mother nature than it ever has,
 I'll give her the life that she's given me
 by feeding her flora and fauna
 through the roots that run under her skin.
 they will nourish the plants and animals 
 that will give new beauty to this life that my next of kin will live.
 My tears are meteorites
 that create craters in the moon, 
 and even though they cause me pain, 
 my craters remind me that
 even though i have imperfections, 
 the Sun in all her glory
 will always shine through me
 to illuminate this abyss we call existence‚Ķ 
So when i look at my reflection in the mirror, 
 i see the whole universe
 and our Mother Nature
 staring back at me. 
 that's when i realize that 
 i am everything, 
 and everyone
 but this body is also
 nothing at all, 
 but a vessel to carry 
 the stories of the universe. 

-Reo Moloabi

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