10: Spirituality - Oct 2021

Satanic Blues Forever

Empty parks and concrete tables,
wicked symbols etched on trees,
the demons show up at your beckon.
You struck a deal and lit the fire, 
paper burnt in bitter smoke, 
‘What do you wish for?’ Asked the wind 
ushered, creeping up my spine.
You wished for greatness, for riches,
for the knowledge of the gods,
I only wished to stay with you, 
no matter what you want to do;
to lay with you on thrones of tar
and pewter, cold hearts never broke
that way; I only wished you'd stay by me 

You called me foolish, called me dumb 
as if you held the higher ground,
sick in the head, shot in the brain,
puny God crawling the land, 
drowning in the water you couldn't walk upon;
couldn't you see how He 
was laughing at your face?
Feel the wrath of Asmodeus, 
when the deal you made fell through 
feel Him drain you of your seed
too much pride for you to plead,
for the Hell you dawned on me is through
you had a taste of such damnation,
now with damnation you must pay

It's been years and 
I've been cleansed of all my sins 
yet the temptation I can't resist 
of my memory, I still find myself 
chanting those Satanic Blues, 
I hum them in the morning as I dress
I slur them in the evening as I fall asleep
they dance around my mind 

- L.M. Constance

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