10: Spirituality - Oct 2021

Rise Up Sister

The push and the pull,
Everlasting work,
Up, down and all around,
Breaking the trauma,
Healing the heart,
Staying as one,
No more a wound,
But an embrace,
Shift the pain,
Release the anger,
Need my soul to be free from danger,
Peace of heart,
Mind Unwind,
Let go of what I thought was right,
Sabotage no more,
Behind the open door,
Take back my destiny,
With the power of alchemy.

Gone, banished,
Rise up sister,
Do not forego your power,
No more dull sheen,
Strong, shine and glow,
It kept you down,
In the dark,
Stolen power from your heart,
Heed the bright sun,
Glowing through your window,
Willing you to heal and grow,
It brought you pain,
Futile snippets of gain,
Sister for your ancestors,

- Lix

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