10: Spirituality - Oct 2021

Rainforest is Water

A green flood of
treetop waves where 
wind is waverer of light 

mist moves in canoes

inside -drops- outside
climbers spin wet bridges
crickets drip in notes

rain curves rivers of
leaves spiderwebs secret mushrooms
(white; minute)
crossed by ants in dream motion 

birds swim from tree to tree 
disowning silence

the soft song of a red-trumpet flower stirs open

butterflies sip liquid light, drench 
colour, float

Deer wades a clearing 
the ferns behind swirl
Jaguar in mottled current
of paws glides in mud-air
a force teething edges 

you are blurred

as water moves landscape further away
as it flows
as it waterfalls

- Andrea Ferrari Kristeller

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