06: Open - June 2021


Sweet Jesus, I'm tired! 
 Not of life 
 But of this pandemic 
 When will the world be rid of it?
 These days I sit 
 For far too long, 
 My poor bum! 
 Lord, I'm tired! 
 I'm eating way too much 
 A full English for breakfast 
 Plus, a snack before lunch! 
 My poor tummy,
 Not at all how it used to be! 
 Man, I'm tired! 
 It’s not just me, I get that 
 We're all in the same boat 
 And though many lessons
 Have been learnt from this disease,
 It’s enough now, time to leave! 
 I'm so tired, it's unreal!
 Another day, same difference
 Then along comes a new variant! 
 We don't need it; we don't want it! 
 Dear Covid, 
 You've been outvoted.
 Be gone!
 Let us be!
 This is a message from the world, not just me! 
-Liz Mingo

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