06: Open - June 2021

The Wave

 I carry an ocean inside of me
 It has its own currents, rips and storms
 It pulses through my being
 As a mighty wave of panic forms
 My tsunami of wild feelings
 Starts calm and far offshore
 From all the way in the distance
 An agonizing wave to endure
 For I live at the edge of a continent
 But at the cusp of my sanity too
 Each day a fight for my safety
 A defiance against my blue
 Because my tidal wave of emotions
 Also comes in ocean shades
 Midnight blue depression
 Tranquil turquoise
 They’re all the things from which I’m made
 As the water of my peace is sucked away
 And the wave draws ever near
 Panic sets in as it hits my shore
 Bringing uncertainty, hate and fear
 It surges through my foundations
 Tries to throw me from where I stand
 For it’s my mighty ocean of anxiety
 And I it’s helpless land
 But once its crashed and crumbled me
 And its wild energy subsides
 The wreckage left is fresh and new
 And I carefully watch my tides
 So I clear away the flotsam
 Hoping my drop of clarity will save the day
 But I know my water will soon recede
 And a new wave will be on its way

-Kristen Honeywill

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