06: Open - June 2021

The Snow Priestess With The Poppy Heart

Sex is a storm and I am the fire-dipped butterfly,
 I am all of the irregular passions.
 A blazing queen on my crystal throne like a scalding star in the frozen, polar night.
 Sovereign arctic leopard, snow stalking in the shriek of frost.
 Foxes glide at my feet like a sea of rubies,
 Roaming with the moon on my face and the wilderness on my breath. 
 Offerings of sinful pomegranate kisses, 
 my capricious mouth; a single radiant poppy, 
 smiling curses that strike like scorched ice.
 Blushing lips at odds with the sharpness of my teeth.
 Steel blue eyes, intoxicate and harness deep waves of the ancient Siberian seas, 
 at once malicious and caressing. 
 In each bottle of nail varnish a banshee wails,
 Like a thunder clap, 
 Like the wrath of the vestal virgins,
 Men think themselves beasts but they are merely lambs,
 begging to be sucked dry;
 Like the pulp of beetles devoured by the scorpion,
 Slaughtered hearts on altar slabs to be pickled in jars next to the vegan soufflé.
 Kneel at my feet, I am your fate.
 I bear my breasts and your secrets are unleashed under the sheets,
 Softly caressing the ruins of another morning soul,
 Panting like cherishing dogs, warm tender animals; 
 A savage satisfaction.
 I dream in silk and scarlet-stained Pythian promise,
 A Rendezvous of whips and shackles and flesh magic,
 Purse my Brigid lips at the pleasure of fruit hidden behind the veil.
 Peach-tease; paradise stems, preach the scriptures of Eden.
 Dripping wine and curses down my ankles,
 A sorcery of fervent hands, of heady elysium and siren psalms,
 Of the despotic seas. I am your grail!
 Both harlot and honey, fair is foul? Foul of mouth, fair of heart.
 Velociraptor woman, clever girl- I am a cunning cunt!
 Lap it up! Get it up, and I’ll hop on top, I’ll wail and screech!
 Play you like songs of Sappho,
 Like a La Belle Dame Sans Merci Nympho.
 Sex is my armour and I am the paradoxial panther,
 I am all of the tempestuous love!
 Torn between leaving scratch marks on your chest,
 Or purring to the shores of your heartbeat.
 But I keep snowdrops on my skin,
 Delicate yet tenacious in the glacial breath of Cailleach 
 Suns and skies, seas and swords,
 No one knows my swift heart, Secrets kept in stone and parchment 
 Mask-Callus, but my heart is bluebell breakable. 
 Expectant hands are the gateway to paradise,
 I am an everlasting brutal rose, I want your blood for love,
 Before the dawn, I’ll rush away with the hush of the vixen’s call.
 I shall swallow you all like snow consuming mountains!

-Katie Ness

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