06: Open - June 2021

The Seeds And The Scars

 At night you stare at the mirror
 You poke and prod at what looks back
 Things have changed
 You look so different 
 From the fights and each attack
 You’ve been left with stories and scars
 From all the moments in the past
 But what of instead of the hatred in your head
 You try and find hope at last
 Stash seeds in each of your scars
 And wait a while with the moon
 For as time ticks along its track
 You will have flowers soon
Your pain will become a garden
 All colours and full of light
 So even though the past still lingers
 Your garden will be a welcomed sight
 Each scar holds a story
 And you’ve carried them for so long
 So when your seedlings take root and grow
 Let them hold you and make you strong
 Let them take all the aching
 Take the load
 Take all the weight 
 And for once enjoy the spectacle that you are
 Start with the new day
 It’s not too late

-Kristen Honeywill

2 thoughts on “The Seeds And The Scars”

  1. Your poems are very good at creating a solid scene in the mind. And it feels very smooth to read, if that makes sense? Makes me realize that I’m to all over the place whenever I try my hand at poems. Awesome stuff!

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