06: Open - June 2021

The Kaleidoscope Dream

Behind your eyes and mine
 are the unspoken affirmations.
             of all that we do not have the words
                                                                               to say. 

 A kaleidoscope dream, 
 Where we are nothing but space dust, 
 Souls drifting on the same wavelength
 -  A space stretched amongst the stars. 
 A world behind your eyes was what I was trying to find,
 I could wander into the unknown, 
                                              A plain of new excitement
 And exhilaration. 
                       With colours blended, 
                                        So exotic and captivating. 
 Waiting on blue skies
                                        That were but a figment of my mind. 
 I thought I saw my reflection in your eyes, 
                                                         But it was only
              An imagined reality, 
                                            To colour my dreams. 

-A Lyrical Sea

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