06: Open - June 2021

Stranger Baby

Colliding comet,
 Crashing into earth womb flesh,
 Sail to Xibalba.
 December rain,
 A dying star enveloped in a galaxy of blood,
 Microcosm Macrocosm.
 Ecliptic Ectopic,
 Lonely gibbous ovary drifts in ghost tube,
 Black hole orbits graveyard Uterus.
 Sweet-dark astronaut,
 Ammonite curled swimming up Orion’s belt,
 Armageddon butchered body.
 Violent birth,
 That was your attempt at dying,
 A sacrificial life-giving voyage.
 Cataclysmic asteroid,
 There was a Virgo moon in my heart,
 Stranger baby.

-Katie Ness

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