06: Open - June 2021


Across a desperate ocean,
 Beneath a cloud of grey,
 I will wait.
 In the ravenous wind
 The waves prowl against the rocks
 In ruin. A wicked action,
 Yet I remain
 Aimless and unfazed
 By the utter destruction in my sight.
 But in the moonlight,
 The ocean shines like a beacon on the bay,
 Encased in its soft silver glow,
 The waters no longer seek vengeance.
 Desiring your presence instead,
 Yearning to reach the shore.
 At the sight of the sea, 
 Does the sun quiver. 
 An ocean caressed by the touch of the moon, 
 Yet in loneliness it remains, 
 As it awaits the arrival of a fearless 
 To explore its waters in glee. 

-A Lyrical Sea

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