06: Open - June 2021

Mule Men

It begins with the promise of a brand new world 
At least they always say so
We go to public debates to watch openly 
How they play with our fates.
They saturate our minds with explosive mines 
Of information

While secretly 
sew our destiny 
They sign their lies 
before our eyes

C’mon, C’mon again
Lets vote for assdudes or mulemen... 
C’mon, C’mon my friend
Lets vote for assdudes or mulemen...MULE-MEN

It's been a year already 
but it feels like purgatory

Still I think
all the stink
will vanish in the blink 
Of an eye

This business
is a sickness
and we are a steady witness...

The lights are on 
but no one is home 
We are insects in a jar 
In the hands of a child!

-F. Javier Magaña Tello

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