06: Open - June 2021

A Note Of Hope

I read all of Asano over the course of a year
 Initially horrified at how quickly I could consume a lifetime
 How easily it fit amongst other things
 Even Stephen King 
 will at his end
 Fit in the closet of a rented room 
 Asano filled a shelf 
 Bookended by a magic eight ball and a large stone
 I realized it would probably be alright 
 To be reduced to a slightly unwieldy collected poems of 
 A stack of photographs 
 A few pounds of ash 
 Between these, all the rest of it
 Cigarette butts and coffee cups
 Neckties, parties
 Lifetimes of the same conversations 
 Around different tables
 All the other less permanents
-Ben Horrobin

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