11: Open - Nov 2021

Somethings Are Real

I was told not to look for gasps 
but what of the gasps, themselves?
gasps of breath get the Night Air into your lungs,
just the one thing you’ve always done
the summers of my childhood: run and run and run

I was swinging on a swing I ran to tonight.
I know you might not believe it, in fact, you shouldn’t, but I had a front-row seat to the Moon. I was sitting across from--face to face with--her. 
Gasps are familiar with the Moon and they are familiar with swings.
swing on a swing tonight and try to tell me they aren’t.

I was warm from swinging and from running in the cold Night Air but, with the touch of my skin, I felt the Night and her breath. I’m not looking for gasps but that was the best feeling I have dreamt. 

The Night Air. With her cold stony hands, held me up on a swing. Gasps were felt, from the Air, from flying. She took me to the Moon as if to say:
you don’t need magic
or dreams, 
for, this is here. this is real

-Abi Heinrichs

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