11: Open - Nov 2021

Made Up Ideas

People made up the idea of God
and I made up the idea of you…
Both for the same reason,
both urged from the same force,
our fear of dying…
If people can love God
without having seen His face
nor having heard His voice,
then I guess, I can continue loving you
even though I struggle to remember you…

I found my religion in you
and then you left
without ever coming back…
And now abandoned
I’m still praying invoking your name
kneeled in front of your vision…
If I can’t touch you anymore,
you, the man I believe in,
am I an atheist?

Where do people go to find God?
Tell me! There must be a place…
And if there is,
then there must be a place for me to find you…
Where can I be alone only with you?
How can I make you company
in the same way people accompany God?
With my silence? With my hands?
With my poetry?

Can I be somewhere where the only pair of eyes
looking at you is mine?
Other arms wrapped up around you…
Other smiles on you… other lips on you…
I don’t want them! That’s blasphemy! 
Every faithful goes to church
to share his love for his God with other people…
But I don’t want to be anywhere sharing my love for you
with your other mistresses!

Even in my mind I can’t be alone with you!
It’s always me, you and my thoughts about death!
Everyone says we must look for God in our hearts…
Maybe they’re right,
but I did it and you weren’t there!
Where are you? If not inside me, then where?
I cross my hands, but you don’t appear!
I see you only with my eyes closed
and I guess God and you are the same lie…

- Elena Karra

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