11: Open - Nov 2021


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 
Yours always leads back to the queen and her children, 
After dipping her regal staff in foreign lands.
Infidel here is a raw truth:
She can see the foreign presence within your poise, 
Smell her sundry scents succumbing to yours, 
Concatenate the lies hidden in your voice.
Your mistress is not a pleasant sight,
Neither is she worth flooding royal eyes.
I have questions for the man you are today.
Like father like son;
How does this phrase sit with you?
Like mother like daughter;
Would you hand over your baby girl to a man such as yourself? 
Infidel who is your master?
Whom do you answer to that has forgiven you so?
How dare you stand like a father,
Figure as that of a king?
Bustards bear your name,
And in the shadows, they remain;
Like the nights they were conceived,
Like a mother’s virginity,
Known of but never seen, a god to a human being.
Infidel, dear infidel
Why do I love you so?

-Dark Lilly

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