11: Open - Nov 2021

Emotions Armed and Ready

i listen to the
drip drip drip of the tap
and wonder if my doubt 
is leaking too.
it seems no matter how 
much i try to stop it,
it squeezes itself through, 
ready to strike 
like a freshly 
sharpened blade, 
or a snarling snake 
with its teeth bared. 
ready to slice through 
my heart and kill 
my wild things. 
am i strong enough 
to stop this, or is 
tragedy inevitable?

i listen to the 
tap tap tap of the rain 
against the roof 
and wonder if i’ll ever 
be able to escape 
these feelings, no matter 
how hard i try to 
bury them or how far i go,
they slither through 
from underneath the door,
ready to cut through 
my skin and leak 
from my pores. 
am i brave enough 
to face this, or 
will i have to live 
with the haunting
for yet another day?

-Marisa Jorgensen

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