11: Open - Nov 2021

Breakfast in Bed

My love,
I do not want to get up today.
Hold me a little longer, a little shy of forever.
Stir my body back to its sweetness
Bring me my birth on a platter,
A pure cry swallowed by blood,
Prey I was born to be
And today, I heed that calling.
Bake me in your broad embrace
And I will soak you in mine.
I know better now,
Butter knives will slip and not sink
So lets batter memories instead.
Grease their trail back to my iris.
I promise to cry this time around.
Maybe eat the root of the problem too?
With a pinch of sorrow, salt some suicide to taste? 
Maybe I’ll sleep till tomorrow,
Or the day after (should it ever comes). 
Feed me your poetry.
Shred me your misery
For you, I’ll always adore.
We are the same, you and I,
Forever giving and only taking at dusk.
Well today I discard the domino.
You had missed my plumply cheeks had you not?
I kept them dry, just the way you like them.
Waiting for a day like this
When my one and only true love comes to my rescue 
Luring me deeper into this pan
With shiny promises of love and freedom. 
“Eat”, she commands.
And I oblige.

- Dark Lilly

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