09: LGBTQA - Sept 2021

Waiting For Light In This Dark Closet

Coming out sure was an experience
The car was quiet for just a second before the voices blared
The demands for explanation
The desperate reasonings made in an attempt to convince me otherwise 
The denial and dagger-like words came immediately.

To prove it is not
To silence my thoughts 
To change my truth.

Coming out was all in hopes
To introduce my love to them
To show them what my type of love meant 
Though of course it didn’t happen
The hopes crushed like a childs dream
I managed to see the light again.

Not the day after or the following week
Not the few months I spent just trying to live free. 
The light only came after years of peace
After years of waiting patiently
I finally see
The light that is welcoming
And accepting of me.

-J.J Marie

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