09: LGBTQA - Sept 2021

The Day An Angel Cried

The day I left you                                                                                                                     
an angel cried                                                                                                                     
While the sky pierced the ground with her mighty tears, the lonely hummingbird 
flapped her mesmerizing wings, but she failed to take flight.

The day you left me                                                                                                                  
A sorrowful cry left my being as I begged you to come back.                                                
My vision too distorted to see that all my screams were running into an infinite 
lifeless void.

Thick spider cobwebs grew on the bed, which was once a temple, where I would 
worship your breathtaking celestial body.                                                                                         
Then the walls gently echoed the affirmative words I once spoke to your curves

“You are Beautiful”, “I love you”, “This is forever,” they whispered.

Fueled by anger, I lit a match and burnt our house of lies down                                                                                                                    I watched our house, which was built on empty promises, crumble while the 
memories clawed their way out of the burning prison in hopes of survival and finding 
a new home.

“Stop!” an angel cried, “enough!”

Time took a pause as a hummingbird appeared in the hallway.                                                
I watched as the wilted crimson roses flinched as they saw the possibility of life after 
death. I picked you up and said “I love you” but my empty words died out before they 
could be reborn in your heart.

You gathered all the strength you had and took flight, leaving me behind.                          
Time resurrected and the fire came to a halt as a stream of tears flushed it out.                  
The day you left me                                                                                                                         
 an angel cried.                                                                                                                      
While the finally free hummingbird flapped her mesmerizing wings and took flight       
Leaving me to discover that I too, like her, had beautiful bright wings that were made 
to soar over the highest peaks.

-Azwikonisaho Ramavhuya

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