08: Indigenous Creators - Aug 2021

It Ends With Me.

There’s something I learned about trauma.
It can go many different ways.
You can run from it,
You can hide, 
You can lie,
But it’s still there inside.
You can ignore until you die.
But it will show up eventually.
Manifest itself amongst your family.
Your children and your children’s children,
Will feel the pain and the anger.
Until one person decides,
They no longer want to hide.
They are ready to begin,
What you so stubbornly denied.
“The pain, the anger, the damage,
It will end with me.”
They’ll stand tall,
Nerves and all.
Because they are ready to heal. 
They’ll do for themselves, 
And for you, and for me. 
They’ll do it for us all.
“That generational trauma, it will end with me.”

-Coraline Faye

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