Are Publications Paid?

No, we do not pay for publication, though that is a long term goal.

When will I know if my submission was chosen?

We are a fully volunteer based organization so we do ask for patience, all chosen poets will know by 11:59pm PDT on the last day of the month.

Can I submit a poem in a language other than English?

Yes! We actually encourage this! We just ask that it is accompanied by an English translation.

What rights do I still hold?

Poetry Undressed will hold First Publication Rights, this means that you still hold all copy rights and ownership of your work. We hold the rights to publication for 30 days then you are free to submit and have your work published elsewhere, however, we do ask for acknowledgement of first publication.

If I order the expedited submission do I have to pay for each poem?

No. The $3 fee is for your entire submission(s), wether it is one, two, or three poems.

Do I have to pay to submit?

No. The $3 fee is only if you choose to pay for the expedited submission, if you choose not to submissions are completely free!