03/22: Open

Part of It

The words that seem difficult to put together.
The folly in never knowing how to say what should be said.
Linger in the smoke piping from this stick of incense 
how it flows, 
mimic its continuous meanderings.
It is difficult to put words together
Finding a different voice, 
your muse can never stay the same 
but only gradually change.
Avoiding a digress 
The one unknown to others, 
what you think of all day
Write of that.
Use words that come easily to you 
but this will never be enough.
Collapse the boundaries you build around yourself 
This place seemed safer without the high walls that surround its complex beauty.
Constriction fucked the poet
And till day breaks 
A flick of a matchstick 
Ready to burn something else.
Finding it simple to feel again 
take in fear as it is, 
something that comes and goes and never can stay.
Tell love it’s just the same
Lie and tell me love doesn’t resemble the ebb at shore.
How restless you can get 
letting something come in and slowly leave 
more often that you’d like.
You still watch
Waiting for it to come back, 
sitting in patience 
waiting for the right to write 
perhaps beginning with writing letters to all of my estranged 
and those I am estranged.
Listen to the ebb 
how the water confessed its love to motion, 
how it left but came back.
Accepting what you can at the time, 
find these words difficult to say 
and so nothing is said.

- Siphelele Veti

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