03/22: Open

Flight in an Orange Sky

It went down.
Grace and power 
Solo’s playing
The voices are soft and loud 
filling the gaps of my feelings, this song and the view
I’m off to somewhere else.
The sunset and I watched it from the sky this time.
Fragility and grace
the song changes 
I seem to stay the same 
off to somewhere else 
I believed wishes do come true.
I am 
you are 
and so it must be true.
The time flies away with me 
but I almost feel suspended in it 
as if it stopped just for me.
It’s all changing around me
I watch it 
and realise 
it’s just me.
Voices still filling the gaps of this song, these feelings and the light that still touches everything
I’m caught in it,
I cry.
The gaze the horizon and I hold, 
fixed on each other 
like lovers who’ve known each other from several lives gone, 
stuck reminiscing on old times past 
lost in the laughter and tears.
Solo is playing 
voices soft and loud 
Dark clouds whisp against 
a brilliant blood orange sky
the same shade I paint these self portraits in love.
Warm and at peace.

- Siphelele Veti

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